Wednesday, April 30, 2008

mindful meanderings

soft and sweet like
baby fine whispers on
kittens breath
gently settling
on a fresh
goblet of
dandelion wine
leaping bright
into the night
green bullfrogs
and fat pink hogs
tumble over moldy logs
tossing daisy's and posy's
high into the air whilst a
prim and proper
shifts nervously in his chair
badger and coon'y
toothy smiles
as hawk and crow
oversee for miles
as all come round
to sit upon
the warm
inviting ground.

did I tell you

did i tell you
that i loved
you today?
... well
i love
you today!

Monday, April 28, 2008

memory's deception

memory's deception
long ago when summer was old
an epic tale did unfold
of a great and bold warrior
of purest gold
who did bestow on the
tattered fold
a time of peace
of glory told
where there was lost
those skills of war
whose dreadful cost did memory purge
while calm did reign
for a piece of time
until the day upon the verge
where memory failed to warn
what was lost was found
as blood ran aplenty upon the ground.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Life lives
You and I
Embraced in arms
At night
Holding each other
Words falter
Through breaths
Hesitation exists
In your world
Of criticism
But when together
Laying on you
I feel your heart
Next to mine
Letting me in
Afraid to feel
Self doubting
Every action
With me
But I don’t need
To hear words
To believe
You want
To be here
Holding me
When your hands
Across my body
Touching me
Inside and out
Leaving me breathless
Wondering why
The harsh world
Would give me
A glimpse of heaven
Then return me
To a cruel world
That exists
Without you
When my heart
Bleeds for your
Strong hands
Soft on my face
Breathing life into mine
Wondering across
My body
Through uncharted territories
Exploring spaces
Hidden for you

Monday, April 21, 2008


I’ve never been here before
Loving with all my heart
Giving everything I have
And yet I still want
There is nothing better
Than being next to you
Loving you in every moment
And yet I still want
You to love me
The way I do you
Getting what I give
Knowing you feel too
And yet I still want
For you to open your heart
To know that you care
That our feelings match
And yet I still want
Your touch
Your kiss
Your affection
Your soul
And yet I still want
What I can’t get
No matter how hard I try
I will have to learn
That I can’t get what I want

Laying Naked

Laying naked on your bed
I know I shouldn’t want this
But your laugh
Your smile
Your eyes
Make me stay
Laying naked on your bed
I am ashamed to say
That I would rather die
Than go another day
Without you
Against all I know
I long for your touch
Across my body
To a world that hurts
Except when I’m with you
Laying naked on your bed
Hearts beating
Bodies intertwined
Passion flying
And there I lay naked
In your strapping arms
Hearts together in unison
Making life stand still
And yet I wonder
If you will ever be able feel
The way I do about you
Giving you all of me
As I lay naked on your bed

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


your lips seeking mine
falling headlong into
forbidden love
removed from logic
by the tender caress
of your velvet lips and rosy tongue
as they flick and dance
over my weathered body
bringing life and passion
nearing the abyss
fanciful flirtations
dancing on the edge
butterflies in my chest
wanting your milk white skin
to reflect the brown of my hands
as they dance across pools of sinful pleasure
my mouth cannot take in enough of you
my eyes blinded my ears deafened
fear that i will not please
stretching out to touch your hand
as we pass by
for you

Monday, April 07, 2008


Darkness surrounds me in the room
My heart beat is smothered by footsteps
In a room built for a child
Pink dolls whose mouths are sown shut
Eyes blackened from the night
Unable to provide the expected comfort
I am completely alone
Another vicious night of sadness
Heaven hath failed me once again
The monster's at the foot of the bed
Wanting to devour me
Salivating for soft flesh
The tears never hit my pillow
And not a sound escapes my lips
It is easier this way
Pretend like the Barbie dolls on the shelf
Allow him to howl at the pleasure
Praying he doesn't rip me to shreds
But no such luck this time
Forever will the darkness surround me

And So Life Goes

All that is given is not all that is gotten
All that is needed is not at all what is wanted
And so life goes
Hidden beneath the blanket of secrets
Fearing what resides
All that is spoken is not all that is heard
All that is said is not at all what is believed
And so life goes
Deaf ears silenced with hate
All that is stolen is never given back
All that is broken is never restored
And so life goes
Without consequence