Friday, October 19, 2007

wake for me
my gentle
sing your songs
on distant shores
share with me
forgotten glories
fill my heart
with endless
set my
soul afire
breathe life
into this
my funeral pyre
tell me of
my gentle
who travels
near and far
of shinning moments
in the sun
golden bonfires
satin green
silent moments
bronze sheen
tell me of
forgotten nights
of secrets shared
where lovers
dared and
fell contrite

my gentle one

tell me now
give into haste
speak to me
lest memories
spin become

o gentle one
of times we
of love we lent
of rings and
beneath the
when we
did fly o'er
heather fields
sword and shield
to lie upon
o gentle one do not
be gone
o gentle one


How long will
torture me
hold me
for the sins of
how long will
the love
how long will
hold you
for the sins
of another
the love
how long?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

another night
sleepless on the
bathroom floor
stumble to my feet
slam into
the shower door
eyelids stuck to
my cheeks
soon to greet
the harpy's

reality calls
trying to forget
rushing water
and cotton balls
dried vomit
on the walls

slowly in the
mist of waking
where knees
are weak
and body shaking
find i joyful
release from
my torment
the moment
that makes
it all worth while

peaceful stream
slender dream
of a long ago
when neither man
nor women
nor lawman
could my musings
standing there
i fain to hear
the sweetest
cheer ever i have

my lost Love's
her sweet refrain
to remain
as puke
fills my drain

a brief respite
for now the
comes the beast
deadly plight

around the edges
jagged searing
always jeering
deadly potion
wrongful notion

men who stand on
women sitting
on their sills
empty bottle
of sleeping pills

long black tongue
flicks about
putrid dragon
licks his snout
brain unlatching
doorknob scratching
talons search my brain
as blood runs down
the drain
in the pouring rain

banshee screaming
soul revolts
vapors steaming
all is blackened
life is wrapped
in silent desperation
angels cry their
blackened effusion
this depression
my final sin
darkness light
an endless plight
i can hardly wait
for tonight
Jack Daniels will
call and
clear my sight

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


when I wake up in my dreams
I see the memories that live in
between the seams of
and on sleep and good morn
I find you have gone
to the blaring glaring horn
when I wake on sleepy street
watching all the bubble gum bubbles
float on by
I see the all
the woulda shoulda couldas
wave goodbye.
when I wake up
and find dreams of you

Friday, October 05, 2007

night terror

darkened hall
leads to light
darkened hall
in the night
blackened greasy
nimble fingers
dance upon
crisp bedsheets
slithering about
bits and pieces
reaching out
fetid breath
screaming visions
pray for death
sweating fears
freezing years
stomach aching
stinking rain
trickling down
in the
endless night

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

letters from the l plains

How are you my love? Light of my life. It has taken me what seems like forever to find you separated as suddenly as we were thrown together in that time of man's war with himself. I have sat and watched the summer rains falling on my Texas plains, and tried to remember your beauty.All that I could call were frail ghostlike images, stale fragrances, and faint refrains
from so long ago.
Tis been a life time since i have felt your tender touch or heard the healing melody that is your voice. I fear there is nothing left to say and only the most despised of things to do. Forgive me mlady for as I sit in the loneliness that is this exile of mine I ask and answer myself with the most negative of questions and answers. Even now I do not have the slightest hope that I have lived on in your heart.
Can it be so that this sojourn of mine has been in vain? Have I stayed too long in the wandering ways ? Does it not matter that I have loved only you in my heart though my fragile nature has strayed on occasion? I fear what I know to be and that is you are lost to me forever.
I pray for your mercy, I beg forgiveness for falling into your life and then for running away
across the wide furious ocean. Sad. this that one who once was so alive and carefree would now
be filled with death and trepidation. Mad, that fear kept one from returning to the comfort of your bosom. Glad, that one will not await a response but will wander to the wonderland where one will hear,smell feel and taste what one has lost.

With great devotion,
and utter cowardice
as always
drunk and depressed
your lost one

PS I promise to stop
drinking when i see your face again


scritching scratching
door lock
pull the covers
up over your
pray oh pray
to just be
scratching scritching
door lock

a simple harmonic motion

in my minds eye
finds I there
a notion of
m'lady fair
a great commotion
did occur
for none could
with my lady fair
I did concur
at which point
need i
a lair
espied i
a tree
where i
did hide
to catch a
glimpse of
my passing pride
a notion commotion
a simple harmonic motion
hidden deep inside

Monday, October 01, 2007

descent into madness

gentle breezes
bright blue skies
silent freezes
silky soft thighs
faraway sprinkles
verify terrify as
darkening clouds
obscures the veil
weeping aloud
blackening rain
hell hounds wail
searing pain
visceral sea
no more to feel
the bleeding bleed
rushing towards
me as
an endless fen
as a
satin chamber
vomits out
screaming men
railing reeling
flesh is boiling
teeth a-gnashing
love is torment
and hate divine
kindly eat my
tortured mind
silently cursing
as hearts wind
endlessly craving
madness as crown

long lost love
rats are slaving
eating my soul
a mourning dove
a jagged hole
ragged breathing
such a pity
sliding along
an endless
ledge into
schizo city
peering deep
within the
hellish keep
descent complete