Tuesday, September 25, 2007

cheating on a dream

dead calm
I find
sweaty palm
tequilla on my mind
a silent roar
ripples on the
a dreamer
of dreams
in between
banana boats
on moon beams
float by
gently slipping
toe nails gripping
across the
pastel sky
on velvet lips
mahogany rosettes
comely hips
fleeting spirits do
aniline dye
not the one
besides me
cheating on dream

Monday, September 17, 2007

love is a photograph

brittle and old

love is a photograph

fresh and bold

love is a photograph

faded and cold

love is a photograph

covered in mold

love is a photograph

that never grows old

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


sit i now in the moments of
my greatest despair nothingness
around me grows
staring down
into the fiery
eyes of a local clown
Copper Red
terrible memories
spewing from my head
brimstone graces
my bloody jaw
wretched faces
snow white laces
evil places
obscures the
horror within
the gaping
fetid maw
rush of colour
flash of pain
hallucinogenic rain
oh dear God
stop the pain
instead a sweet refrain
which leads me
to my home my sod
precious God
do not leave me alone

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fiona Fair

And then i spy
within mine eye
the lie
which has
ere been my life
tis nothing there
which would compare
to the constant strife
that i now bear
without a care
She was
dearest to me
the briefest tear
this fabric of
my soul
a ghoul
a wraith
a tiny mole
tis nothing there
which would compare
to the sanctity of
thy soul
a wisp of Love's
sweet breath
to clear the
fetid air
that i should
know a moments
peace i give
to you it's
tis nothing there
which would compare
to m'lady so sweet
and fair
air which she
doth breathe