Friday, February 15, 2008

cool breeze

silver shimmering notes wafting across

the air weaving an ebony cocoon.

while mocha and caramel ladies slink past

swaying in rhythm to the sinful reprise
then a cool breeze glides by chilling the air

as souls bounce to a steady beat

drifting towards the small dark man

sitting in the corner a smoky room

smoldering, watching , as heavy heaving breasts
and gyrating round bottoms strain against

ultra thin bonds struggling to escape

piecing together a scintillating scene of pain and discontent

of injustice and sexuality all

waiting for a cool breeze.

layers of herbal essence, and tobacco death

frame writhing angels and keep them from

melting into the bare tables covered in rye and gin

scatting soulful refrains

then cool breeze glides past and

takes his place on the cramped stage

a silver dagger he pulls from his

pocket brings to his lips

bone breaking sadness bleeds around

the edges of a mind

as he enthralls ass within his reach

sucking and blowing with mad delight

sharp quick jabs long cool melodies

reaching deep down to snag lost memories

and painful regrets

the blues ain't nuttin' but a good man

feeling bad

cool breeze

Monday, February 04, 2008

heavens sent

are you gone from
me my heaven sent
now that days have
come and went
did you call
your ever
that whisper,
said of never
that whisper
did fail your call
a bitter pall
with sword and shield
to the anvil wield
where now does
prevail a claxon
a crows hungry
sadness grows
in purple and black
tidy rows
the seed now sows
bitter day
of crimson reds and
hanging threads
where lost and lonely
in maddness rent
lay down their
tender heads
to dream of
love's heaven sent