Thursday, July 17, 2008

Looking Above

Above me resonates a picture
Depicting those who understand,
A portal into the recent past
Of forgotten glimpses
But forever remembered
Peeling from the unrelenting sun
Attempting to erase memories
Fading into a normal existence
Fighting the faces that remain
Etched into a broken memory
That not even time could bend
A day when glory failed
And innocence was misplaced
But the picture remains
Life a knife in a back
Reminding me of the loss
Smiling faces full of life
Ignorant by their youth
An unforeseeable outcome
Not knowing the cost of enduring
And yet they sat there still
For a brief unfiltered moment
Unaware of the hand being dealt
The smiles that would fade
And ghosts that would claim
A reckoning already forgiven
Being victims of circumstance
But there is that picture
That most will ignore
And an explanation never given
A justification to never have

Thanks Ebaugh and Daniel
Iraq 2003 - 2004

I Can

I can feel your tender hands
Smothering my body
Caressing hidden places
Forbidden by others

I can feel your soft lips
Tenderly on my back,
Slowly down my spine,
Begging me to twinge

I can feel your heart
True next to mine
While we lay naked
Cuddling each other

I can hear your voice
A thousand miles away
Calling just to say
That you love me

I can feel your soul
Faintly slipping away
Into a desolate mind
Of what-should-have-beens

I can feel your thoughts
Fading into misery
Consumed by despair,
Self-doubt and self-hate

I can feel me ignoring
Everything that hurts you,
Forgetting the reality
Ignoring the God factor

I can feel you crushing
My world of make believe
Like a promise never made
Like a symphony never hear

I can feel you breathe on me
And I could scarcely imagine
Why you would ever
Leave a lady behind

I can't believe
What it's like to feel
If this would be real
But then again I can